Al Qannas Hunting Equipment LLC

Al Qannas Hunting Equipment LLC was established in Dubai since 2001 by Mr. Mohammed Sharif Qawam, a UAE national, and currently the company is running in the market for more than 20 years.

Coming from a family of business minded people, Mr. Mohammed Sharif utilizes his love of hunting and nature that his father introduced to him and brought him to hunting activities. His passion in hunting took him to begin and to look more seriously into the equipment and materials required to hunt by sharing his knowledge and offering them to the market not only at competitive prices but also in a wider range of products that only someone with real love and understanding for hunting can offer to a customer. The company is primarily run by Mr. Mohammed Sharif, with a firm belief that only those who truly know the process and the market can ascertain the exact customer needs and requirements.

At this moment, Al Qannas Hunting Equipment LLC is primarily based in Dubai and is actively attending and participating exhibitions from local to international to continuously grow in terms of product ranges to offer, technical know-how to the new equipment, and keeping up with the global innovations so the company can offer the best to its customers to and to keep with the trends.

The import of goods is actively monitored by Mr. Mohamed Sharif himself to check and verify the goods quality, accuracy and to assure that all his customers will be getting the full efficiency of the equipment he is bringing.

The demand on company’s growth is high and in respond to this calling, the Al Qannas Hunting Equipment LLC is expanding its scope in terms of products not only for hunting but also to other necessary equipment pertains to have a better hunting experience. The expansion to this category will is almost done and the Al Qannas will be announcing its new venture within the year 2022.