The Brand New Carl Zeiss Jena Deltrintem

The Brand New Carl Zeiss Jena Deltrintem

1,000.00 AED

8×30 Multi Coated With Original Box And A Dedicated Casing (1939 Model)



An excellent high power glass for race, travel and hunting. It has a good light transmitting power. It is the most famous of all binoculars, the CARL ZEISS 8X30 DELTRINTEM has been a favourite of both men and women alike for several generations. An outstanding ‘all purpose’ binocular, with the ideal combination of size, magnification and performance, the 8×30 is the ideal take-everywhere glass. Compact, light-weight and highly portable, their rapid centre focusing and ease of operation facilitates effective viewing under all conditions.


  •  Clasic and solid casing
  •  Extremely large field of view,
  •  High transmission level in the middle of the visible spectrum
  • Chromatic aberration quite well-corrected,
  • Eyepieces can be set very wide apart,
  • Good quality of BaK-4 prisms.